A little about us

Brightt was founded by independent social worker, Amanda Clarke. At that point, Amanda was just a sole trader, and the organisation was called, Future-U. Amanda decided that she wanted to work with more people and create a fun work environment (because it can be boring on your own). So now we are Brightt and we accept new referrals for Positive Behaviour Support in SA and Victoria. We were previously offering Support Coordination but we have decided to get really focused on one thing – Behaviour Support. Many organisations try to offer a bit of everything but we have decided being really good at one thing is better than being average at doing a lot of things.

The Team

Amanda Clarke

Managing Director

Adelaide Office

Hi, I’m a social worker and I’ve worked in child protection and disability areas for over 20 years. I have two dogs and five cats – it probably means I’m getting to the stage of being labeled a cat lady, but don’t hold it against me. My superpower is navigating systems and finding out what we need to know to get past a problem.

Nicole Driver

Business Operations

Adelaide Office

With over 18 years’ experience in the hospitality industry I have dedicated my career to leading people. I am fascinated with how people think and learn. 2020 has created a unique opportunity for me to use my personal experience within the disability sector and my passion for leading people to assist FutureU as the Business Operations Manager.

Dave Clarke



The services we provide

Brightt Services - Support Coordination

Rural outreach for Behaviour Support

We know it’s hard to get access to quality therapy in the country – so we come to you!

Brightt Services - Specialist Support Coordination

We are offering services in Victoria

Let’s face it… there’s not many behaviour therapists out there. We have crossed the border and offer services in Victoria as we know the waitlists are long. Call us to discuss your circumstances.

Brightt Services - Behaviour Support

Behaviour Support in SA

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a behaviour management system used to understand what maintains an individual’s challenging behaviour (or what is called in Australia, ‘behaviours of concern’).

Brightt Services - Young People in Residential Aged Care

YPIRAC - behaviour support in nursing homes

We work across the state of South Australia with Young People in Residential aged care (YPIRAC), particularly in country regions.

Our Pricing

Pricing is set to NDIS rates 1/12/2020 unless otherwise negotiated
Travel: half an hour cost of hourly rate if in metro.
Country areas can be up to 1 hour at the hourly rate depending on the location.

Behaviour Support Planning and therapy rates

per hour

Specialist Behaviour Support in SA

per hour

Specialist Behaviour Support VIC

per hour

Want to work for us?
We’re currently looking for Trainee Behaviour Therapists.