Packages for PBS

It is difficult to give exact costs because everyone is different with regards to what they need. However, we have come up with four different packages to give an idea of costs and the type of service you can receive.

The hourly rates are based on 1/12/20 NDIS price guide:

Specialist Behavioral Intervention Support

per hour

Behaviour Management Plan Training

per hour

Basic Plan or Interim Plan

A basic plan gives you a guide as to where to head with the behaviour. It gathers known information quickly and undertakes basic functional analysis. The basic plan consists of:

  • Review of previous documents/reports 1 hour
  • Meeting with the person 1 hour
  • Functional behaviour assessment up to 3 hours
  • One observation 1 hour
  • Write up of behaviour support plan 1 hour

In Total


Middle of the Road Plan

Middle of the Road is as it says – in between the Basic and The Lot! It will start with the above interim plan process then progress onto data analysis and a number of observations. Once the basic hypothesis for behaviour has been established and a plan written, a training program for staff and family can be established.

  • Interim plan development 7 hours
  • Setting up data analysis and training 2 hour
  • Observations 3 hours
  • Writing up an in depth plan with some assessment 5 hours
  • Training of staff and or family up to 7 hours
  • Monitoring and support 5 hours

In Total


The Lot Plan

The Institute of Applied Behavioural Analysis quote 60 hours of work for an in depth assessment of a persons behaviour. This includes:

  • Multiple observations at peak times
  • Reading every report and piece of paper ever written about the behaviours of concern
  • Range of assessments of the purpose behind the behaviour and functional behaviour analysis.
  • An extensive report
  • Training in the intervention styles

In Total


And… a Combo!

This can be whatever you want the intervention to be – a bit of this and a bit of that – or whatever amount you have left in your NDIS budget if that is your constraint. We will work with you to develop the best use of the funds to get what you and your family members/clients need.

What we will achieve

  • Understanding the function of the behaviour
  • Understanding triggers
  • Knowing what is currently reinforcing behaviours
  • Finding out new skills that can replace the current behaviours of concern
  • Developing new reinforcement of desirable  behaviour
  • Making sure we have a clear evidence base for anything that we do
  • Focusing the intervention on the person’s goals
  • Breaking down the barriers that have held the person back from achieving their goals!
What we will achieve